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SMF Forum

SMF Forum Design India

SMF Forum is a popular bulletin board script written in the server side scripting language PHP. Installable on most web servers, it is free open source software available under the GNU public license. The software allows website and forum administrators to set up unlimited number of forums and categories. It is also possible to create users, moderators and user groups with varying degrees of permissions.

The software is easily installable using FTP and a browser. SMF Forum is the most accepted bulletin board on the Internet. It supports a variety of databases such as MySQL, PostGreSQL MS SQL Server, and MS Access and is extremely feature rich. It is supported by a vibrant and active community that makes using SMF Forum straightforward and easy and for your website. Additionally, it is fully customizable and extendable. SMF Forum has leading features like:
  • Modular Design and template based architecture
  • Support for multiple database management systems (DBMS)
  • Custom-defined BBCode creation
  • Unlimited levels of subforums
  • UTF-8 Support
  • Advanced Post Moderation
  • Advanced Moderation Control Panel
  • Advanced Permissions handling
  • Superior Administration
  • Search Engine Spider Handling
  • Advanced Anti-Spam features
  • Advanced User Groups
  • CMS Software integration and xHTML compliant
  • Superior Plug ins capability
  • Provision of extensive security features
  • Extensive Search Functionalities
  • Multiple Language Support
BASE IT has developed advanced expertise in servicing clients for SMF Forum. Some of the key service areas include
  • SMF Forum Design
  • SMF Forum Customization
  • SMF Forum integration
  • SMF Forum Website Maintenance
  • SMF Forum template development
  • SMF Forum Modules development
  • SMF Forum website support
  • SMF Forum implementation

If you are looking for an expert and experienced SMF Forum developer, then look no further. BASE IT will assist you in all your SMF Forum development needs at competitive rates. Contact Us today for a relevant and a surefire discussion. Get a FREE SMF Forum implementation quote today!

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