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College Management System

Engineering College Management System

The ability to plan and deliver a great learning experience to the students is extremely essential. The faculty and key staff should spend quality time strategizing rather than trying to get administrative tasks completed. e College Management System handles the management and facilitates the administration.

The software maintains day to day activities of college and makes daily report as per required by the various department.

Students' module comprises of all the particulars and detailing of each student along with their personal information. Likewise faculty and staff module takes care of attendance, lectures, payments etc. Internal Messaging module is provided to maintain a hassle free communication.

Every student, faculty staff is given an ID and password to access accounts. Every minute detail is available there.

There are sub modules like time table module, scheduler and event module to manage the yearly calendar of classes, lectures, seminars and various events.

All the modules work in tandem to implement a smooth functioning of the entire college. The system is very user friendly and enhances the entire management.

Features of College Management System:

  • Provides Password facility for different users to ensure high level of security.
  • Has inbuilt database back up facility for safety and reliability.
  • Multiple database management system.
  • It is user friendly College management software.
  • It regulates the fee management process completely.
  • The complex task of Report card generation is an extremely easy work.
  • Complete automation of staff administration.
  • Complete Library Management System based on Library Standards.
  • The software is compatible on LAN as well as on WEB.
  • Event management and scheduling.
  • Building Management.
  • Student Management.
  • Accounts Management.
  • Attendance Management.
  • Communication.
  • Institute Grading Software.
  • Security.
  • Timetable Management System.
  • Library Management System.
  • Payroll Management System.
  • Corporate Interaction.
  • Accommodation Management.

Benefits of e College Management System :

  • Reduction of Administrative Costs.
  • Improved Service through Online Community.
  • Key Account Management of Corporate Agreements.
  • Improve Customer Knowledge.
  • Enhance communication with Customers.
  • Provide a more Flexible Offering Framework.
  • Decentralize customer Service.
  • Centralize Corporate Activities.
  • Improve Business Processes.
  • Increase Security and Minimize Fraud.
  • Minimize Fraud by Employees.

baseCMS are a sure way of managing your college's easily & effectively. Our college management software (baseCMS) provide you with realistic solutions that augment your college in line with your mission and goals. Contact Us with your custom requirements today!

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